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Mother Immortal’s Tomb is a campaign based in the imagery and cryptic fantasy of heavy metal, particularly stoner metal, doom metal, and power metal. If Black Sabbath wrote a concept album about Conan, or King Diamond was your Dungeon Master, that would be Mother Immortal’s Tomb. Mother Immortal’s Tomb is a Frank Frazetta blacklight poster with bongwater stains on the edges.

Mother Immortal’s Tomb takes place in the world of Abaddon, a land cursed by an ancient war between powerful wizards. Called the War of Three Curses, the brutal conflict killed every one of Abaddon’s Gods. The aftermath caused three unending plagues to ravage the land.

1) No one will ever die a natural death in Abaddon
2) It is always night in Abaddon
3) Everyone who is buried in the ground of Abaddon will rise as undead

Post-war Abaddon is a land of a savage new society growing in the shadow of the cyclopean ruins of a once mighty kingdom. The lines of old have been erased. Many races have conglomerated and retreated to their ancestral strongholds, while those that remain live in tandem as one population. Old kingdoms have fallen, with feudal lords taking root in new territories. The land is carved up and ruled by vampire barons, barbarian kings, and powerful Liches, thralls to a higher form of dark magic.

The mortals of Abaddon live at the whims of their sorcerer masters, finding solace only among each other. They travel in groups from settlement to settlement, often hiring powerful sellswords to protect their caravans. Horrors lurk in the darkness – arcane wolves with runic markings, resurrectionists seeking raw material for their necromantic experiments, and cannibal hags with a taste for mortal flesh.

But there is also opportunity for those with strong arms, nimble fingers, and keen minds. Ancient secrets and unseen treasures lay just below the surface of Abaddon, hiding in the stories of past and the bones of the gods who died in these lands. Those who can unlock this knowledge can unlock true power – possibly the power to reverse the curses that befall the land.

Recommended listening:
The Sword – Apocryphon
Black Sabbath – Paranoia
Dio – Holy Diver
Acid Bath – Paegan Terrorism Tactics
Amon Amarth – With Oden On Our Side
Danzig – Danzig I

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